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Want to sell your house faster but have a limited budget to tackle problems areas?  Not sure where to start?  With about $100 and a free weekend, you can add big impact to your house and to the bottom line.  It doesn’t take an army of friends or a being a pro with power tools to check these projects off the list.

1. Welcome Home
Paint the mailbox, purchase a new entry rug, paint the front door, and if there is money left in the budget get a modern set of house numbers.  By sprucing up the entryway, buyers will enjoy the curb appeal and will want to see more.

2. Kitchen Facelift
Prime and paint worn kitchen cabinets a bright white and add new modern hardware. This will make a kitchen look updated, bigger and brighter.

3. Purge Paneling
Brighten up a cool basement by painting any paneling light warm colors.  Add a rug or two to create a softer feel and extend the living space.

4. Kill Clutter
Unfinished basements, closets, drawers all give the impression that you don’t have enough room to store your stuff.  Get the clutter under control and help buyers see more than a mess.

5. Keep a Bedroom, a Bedroom
When selling a house, the number of bedrooms matters.  If looking at a three bedroom house, make sure all three bedrooms are shown as such.  Bedrooms furnished as offices, tv rooms or hobby rooms don’t help sell a house.

6. Change the Floor
Often, a bathroom looks decent except for some bad, colorful, or dated laminate.  For a small cost, peel n’ stick laminate tiles can transform a room.  Be sure to purchase excess for difficult areas like closets and behind toilets.

7. Same Couch, New Look
Revive older or out of style couches by using neutral slip covers and new throw pillows.  This is one of the more expensive updates on the list but can really change the look of a dated living room.

8. Dark Doors
Hallways tend to be narrow and lined with doors.  If those doors are dark wood, the hallway becomes even more closed in.  Avoid this feeling by painting any doors a white or light neutral color.  The effect will make the hallway look bright and spacious.

9. Depersonalize
Removing pictures, décor and personal items costs nothing except for a few boxes and bubble wrap.  Keeping buyers from being distracted allows them to picture their personal touches instead making room for a quicker sale.

10. Proof of Pets
When showing a house, the evidence of pets can give a buyer the impression of a dirty house covered with pet hair.  Avoid this pitfall by hiding food, bowls, pet beds and toys during open houses and showings.  Be sure to keep pet smells under control by placing odor eliminators in the most frequented spots.